Catch me on Marlow FM 97.5 this morning at 11:00am. I’ll be talking about how our emotions are linked to our health and well-being.

Eye opening revelations about a new corrosive ADDICTION. Those parents with teens may already be dealing with this addiction in their homes- or even role modelling it!!! And the teens of today are the parents of tomorrow..... To quote Gabor Mate... “ it’s not Why the Addiction, it’s Why the Pain that addiction numbs us from”

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Being a Representative in a Group workshop

In group workshops for Personal issues, representatives are key resources. We all have the innate capacity to pick up on the energies of another and with the many breakthroughs in neuroscience this is a well known and researched fact. When you are a member of a group workshop the person who is working with their statement of Intention may ask you to represent a word from their sentence. It is your choice to accept and when you represent the word you are in a way resonating and connecting with the energy of that word for that person. You will be asked to give feedback about what you experiencing and this will be very useful information that the client can use. 

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