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Understanding the Patterns- Group Supervision Sessions


“There’s something going on in my relationship with my client that I just can’t put my finger on- I want to explore what’s going on”


“I seem to get triggered by my client, and it just doesn’t make sense- I want to know what I am not seeing?”


These are some examples of the self development intentions that you can bring to a group supervision session.

 Working 1:1 with people means that you get to experience the complexity of their ’system’ through them. When you work with your client/patient you too can become part of that connection. Layered onto that is your own specific background, and what you encounter is a multi-faceted dynamic. This dynamic forms part of the background to your work, and is present at all times. Have you ever noticed that sometimes it’s the background that exerts a kind of ‘control’, and it seems confusing or even uncomfortable when you are with your client/patient? That’s why supervision is so very vital, it enables you to disengage from the foreground and look objectively at the background for the clues to future success- for yourself!

Sometimes the background can contain past issues that are still affecting your work in the here and now. Other times the background includes the imprints of Emotional Trauma that play a part in the way things go, or how behaviour unfolds. Sometimes these imprint can feel like shadows that you can’t quite see, but you know are there. In group supervision using the Intention Method you get the opportunity to continue your own deep self development, and use a mode of working that frees you from the noise of the narrative of what’s going on, and allows you to look at new and emerging insights.

The approach that underpins each supervision session is based on the Identity oriented Psychotrauma Theory (IoPT) of Professor Franz Ruppert. Each session draws on your innate intelligence and will reveal hidden/invisible dynamics that you may not have been conscious of, but are affecting you. It is likely that you will discover new internal resources that are useful in making sense of what’s happening, and will lead you to new breakthrough thinking and being.

As part of the set up of your supervision session you will give only a short description of your issue, and you form a short intention statement (i.e. what you want to focus on). No specific client  information is used, so maintaining the confidentiality of your work. New insights will be revealed to you, and you experiment with new ways forward. The outcomes are phenomenal!

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