3rd in the series- Links between childhood experiences and adulthood. The relationship between parents create the environment a child develops in. It matters!

2nd in the series: The link between childhood experiences and adulthood A ‘good’ baby may be ‘shut down’ because they are emotionally overwhelmed.

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waterfall 2Group Workshops for Personal work

Group workshops are a fantastic opportunity to work on self development in a deep and meaningful way. The diary for workshops varies throughout the year, see the homepage for details. Currently, the main locations for group workshops are London, Beaconsfield (Buckinghamshire) and Tunbridge Wells- however other locations can be arranged please call +44(0) 1494 713562 for more details.

When you register for a 1 day workshops you choose if you want to work on a specific issue (working place) or whether you prefer to benefit as a resource participant during the workshop. The options on offer are made clear when you go though to the booking site.

Some 2 day seminars are a blend of education and theory about emotional trauma and working sessions, and some are dedicated totally to working sessions. 

You can read more about the different styles of group workshop and seminars here:

Working Sessions only

2 day IoPT seminars