Whilst I'm not proposing his paid for programme, what he says is accurate, emotional trauma puts us into survival mode! Rather than that- choose to be in contact with an Intention Therapist- and thrive! For more details about Intention Therapists in your area join this FB community and DM me. https://www.facebook.com/johnassarafpage/videos/10158741070300440/

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1:1 Coaching Sessions for Business Issues

If you are experiencing problematic and/or recurring issues in the ‘world of work’ which are unhelpful, then a Coaching session is for you! In this 1:1 private and confidential session, and with the Organisation/Company as the context, the client uses a Statement of Intention to explore what they want to improve. Using floor marker the client will experience and encounter the inner dynamics that are contributing to their issue. Like any coaching relationship, this is a totally confidential session, so enabling the client to explore freely the situations and relationships that seem entangled, stuck and unproductive.

The topics you might bring to a coaching session include team, peer, boss and customer/supplier relationships; collaboration with others; communication issues; working practices and performance; career progression and personal development. Book a coaching session here